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Prada Xmas Windows

Prada Holiday VM Windows (Prada xmas windows campaign)

For the 2020 Holiday Season, Unico Creative was commissioned by Prada to bring the customary Christmas tree into the modern-day.


Unico Creative replicated The Italian fashion houses’ holiday windows at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Milan which were adorned with the geometric ‘Prada tree’ that featured products and unique decorations, such as triangles and a black and white checkered motif. The displays are intended to mimic a Christmas tree and be functional to display accessories and mannequins.



Restricted with only a 3-week lead time to produce the complex displays incorporating mixed materials such, Mirror, Stainless Steel, LED lighting and custom shelving with more angles than a protractor – Unico Creative designed and manufactured a total of 12 displays incorporating 6 unique designs for Prada’s Sydney, Bondi, Collin’s Street and Chadstone Boutique store window.


The result was truly spectacular with the unique window displays accurately portraying the famous Italian Luxury Fashion house’s unique brand and style. 

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