The Ultimate Display Suite Checklist

Andrew Brown

If architecture is both an art and a science, the display suite should be treated as the art gallery.

The display suite is brand activation at it’s finest, realising a yet-to-be-constructed property development of apartments, estates, villas, duplexes or high rises. Property is still real estate as an art form to selling a lifestyle. So the display suite is the exhibit of the property development delving into this lifestyle. It’s a very real part of the customer journey directed from and captured by online and marketplace channels.

Ultimately, the display suite serves a two-fold attack.
  1. It makes a statement as an engaging, immersive tour or showcase to an architectural aspiration, and
  2. also serves as a vital marketing tool.
A successful display suite comes down to understanding the market and allowing you to stand by your brand and product while interweaving its experience into the buyer's journey.

But for those involved in the processes of branding, concept, design, marketing, realisation, production and installation, it’s a long line involving plenty of moving parts where some steps can fall into the cracks. And so we fabricated The Ultimate Display Suite Checklist as your guide to display suite success.

Display Suite Design Preparation

Set The Context

An effective suite forms an instant emotional connection to buyers, and style and decor contribute significantly towards this. Keep the experience immersive, shaped by the buyer’s demographics. Shine the spotlight on materials, design aspects, ambiance and lifestyle features.

For the ultimate immersive experience, explore virtual and augmented reality technologies. Keep in mind though, too much technology creates a disconnection with the buyer to the reality - and functionality - of the apartment. Trying to turn the lights on through 5 menus and buttons on an iPad is unrealistic.

Set The Time & Location

Lock in the date/ period/ time/ season and location for launch. Keep in mind the facilities will double as a sales point, which means access to electricity and internet at most basic levels. Then stay on target for launch with a clear plan and a great team on standby to deliver.

Set The Market Dynamics

Understand your buyers, then target and attract them according to their demographics and needs.

Design a comprehensive marketing strategy based upon the architectural design while maintaining brand consistency. Print and digital collateral harmoniously and consistently reflects and works together. A clear branding style guide serves as an extension and reflection for the property design, allowing for easy translation to print and digital marketing. The display suite needs to reflect the final build in every element, using promotional collateral that is aligned to the brand and feel of the architecture and design.

Assemble the essential toolkit of a mix of necessary sales tools. Print marketing is a physical experience, but sales collateral from a tablet is also effective access to and display of information. They can integrate well across many platforms. Brochures can be available in both print and online with comprehensive quality renders, floor plans, fittings, finishes and concept photography alongside suburb, location, lifestyle and staff profiles. There are also opportunities for online immersive experiences with 3D virtual tours. Online portals are doorways for customer research - the more information they have access to, the more likely they are to take the steps to connect and engage.

Unico’s Ultimate Display Suite Checklist

✅ Create a concept relative to the buyer, whether edgy, fresh, vibrant, cool or trendy.

✅ Come wth a strong design concept that can translate easily into a technical design. Don’t forget, this is turning a concept into reality. As an example, a floating brand impression on concept requires suspension in real life.

✅ The quality of the overall display effectively represents and markets the building or property development at the level of sale: a million dollar listing demonstrates a million dollar product.

✅ Design and build an experience that celebrates the architecture and build - such as highlighting individual aspects found within the materials or ambiance for recognisable and familiar symbols or motifs to visually connect.

✅ Strategically design engaging all senses from touch to sight and smells for an ambiance creating a lifelike experience - explore paths of virtual and augmented reality technology.

✅ Assemble a reliable skilled team to turn the concept into a technical design and execute the build on time for release day. A great production team knows how to keep to budget and deadline, resourcefully using alternative materials that reflect the design and brand without compromising on look and feel. For example, an alternative to Rimex metals can be a spray finish, or mirrored bronze by vinyl painted over with brown paint.

✅ An awesome interior designer to finish with furniture, fixtures and fittings. This is the liveable side of the display: sell the lifestyle. an

✅ Accessible and easy way finding to the display suite with visually clear instructions in the lead up to launch.

✅ Online and print collateral such as brochures and websites of floor plans, floor plates, renders, concept photos, 3D models and team bios.

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