Unico Creative Has A New Look

Andrew Brown
We are incredibly proud to announce Unico Creative has a new look.

We are incredibly proud about what we do. We are a boutique company, but we make a big impact with some of the biggest brands we are honoured to call our customers.

What’s changed? We’ve launched our new logo and website, while refreshing our look in general. We loved our old logo and look and know everyone else felt the same.

But we felt with our new vision, it was time for a change.

Unico Creative has become the artisan, builder, craftsman, fabricator, maker, manufacturer and producer. We are production storytellers: our work as a print, signage, design and display production house reflects this.

When Signs Unique Installations first launched in 2005, our aims were to be Australia’s premium sign, POS and visual merchandise installation provider. Our initial beginnings were as trade facilitators with a background in trade while focused on retail.

Across the last 15 years, we’ve managed to maintain our client expectations of high-level service with a reputation for quality workmanship.

Our name began as a straight up reference: unique signage and installations.

These days, we do so much more than that, and the name Unico Creative stands for so much more.

We start from how we approach business: we are incredibly unique with a hands-on approach while thinking every project through from each physical point.

Our rare approach is also in our name: UNICO stands for unique’. When it comes to the CREATIVE process, we think of the install first, not last. Why? Because we’re big picture thinkers. We begin with the end in mind. We see the end of a project before it’s even begun - and we know exactly how best to get there.

Unico Creative creates and promotes growth in our client’s brands from concept to reality, using industry innovation and workmanship. We provide signage, industrial fabrication and bespoke creations with quality and 100% customer focus.

Unico Creative represents innovation and strength; in our builds, business and industry.

But this isn’t change for the sake of change. As we know, change is inevitable and to be embraced. We are new and improved. We changed to fulfil our full evolution with a difference in style and direction, particularly with our focus on environmental sustainability.  

It also incorporates our change in business structure with Chris Gardiner and myself as Directors, and Mike Palmer as CEO. Together, we are Unico Creative’s holy trinity, with the structure of a strong and rigid construction. It’s a real show of power: we are industry leaders and top performers, and our new look represents the strength we’ve just gained.

Our focus is on eco-friendly products, service, machinery, materials and thought processes. And our logo was built to reflect our new direction:

  • reflective of the environment and sustainability for which we are so passionate about in business and for our clients, community, family and planet
  • reflective of our end-to-end solutions from concept and design through to production, logistics and installation; while incorporating that bridge in trade to retail

We want to make an impact with all the best intentions, be it from when we sit down to our desks each work day, to standing behind our printers or fabricating the latest display - and we want our brand and vision to echo this. We are looking towards building a better world through print, signage, design and display production for the ultimate brand experience of our clients

Unico Creative has the combination of finesse, skills and service – another holy trinity. We have officially evolved from a production factory to a production house.

We changed the logo. We changed the website. And we love our direction for the future. 

We’re ready to take on the world, one retail activation at a time.